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LawBanker - A Division of Bridgeview Bank Group
Case Cost Financing for Law Firms and Attorneys

Bridgeview Bank’s LawBanker program was designed in partnership with attorneys and provides the Case Cost Financing to help your firm succeed.

Our innovative financing solutions offer your firm the liquidity necessary to cover all case costs, fund attorney-specific expenses, and provide the cash flow your practice needs. And, in some cases the interest paid and financing costs can be passed on to the client as a case related expense – improving the bottom line of your firm’s business.

The specialized case cost financing available through LawBanker will help
your firm:

  • Finance case costs with a master line of credit
  • Improve cash flow allowing for additional case growth
  • Make immediate disbursements as expenses are incurred
  • Pay interest only on the funds being used
  • Track interest on all payments made
  • Provide accurate accounting of case by case expenses and accrued interest
  • Improve firm profitability by recovering interest charged on costs, which is permitted in Illinois under ISBA Opinion No. 94-06

LawBanker provides a revolving line of credit that qualified borrowers can utilize to access and disburse funds whenever needed, and you’ll only pay interest on the funds being used. These benefits, combined with our expense tracking capabilities and exemplary client services, is why we’re confident we can provide the solution for your firm’s case cost financing needs.

Benefits of the LawBanker program:

  • We offer customized lending solutions and flexible options, with competitive rates and rapid turn times
  • Bridgeview Bank provides software capable of accommodating a large number of small loans
  • Firms don’t have to use their own after-tax dollars to fund client cases, freeing up liquidity needed for firm growth
  • No additional accounting to be done by the firm which mitigates the risk that interest charged is inaccurate or unreasonable

Case categories:

  • Auto and Bus/Train/Common Carrier
  • Premises Liability and Environmental Exposure
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical Malpractice and Nursing Home Negligence
  • Legal Malpractice
  • False Imprisonment/Civil Rights 
  • Assault/Battery and Dog Bite
  • Products Liability and Wrongful Death
  • Workers Compensation

LawBanker program structure:

  • Master line of credit with individual sub-loans for each case
  • Advances under the case notes limited to hard (out-of-pocket) costs associated with specific cases
  • Bank would provide each firm with a case cost limit – any case that is projected to exceed this limit would be subject to a confidential third party case review at firms cost
  • Case cost limit determined per each file based upon liability/damages/insurance

Case cost financing parameters:

  • Loan pricing is subject to Bridgeview Bank's review of firm financial condition, type of litigation, and history of successful case resolution.
  • Monthly payments of interest only due during loan term
  • 1% Fee on Master Line amount at Origination + 1% Annual Maintenance Fee

  • Case Management/Bank Fees would be charged as follows:
    • $100 Case Set Up Fee / $100 Case Payoff Fee
    • $2.50 per electronic check

Loan terms:

  • 12 Months on Master Line
  • Case Notes due earlier for the following:
    • 36 months from date of Note origination
    • Disbursal
    • Dismissal
    • Termination
    • Withdrawal
  • Collateral shall consist of a first priority UCC blanket lien on all assets of the law firm including specific liens on individual cases
  • Personal guarantees of each partner at the firm OR a firm partner(s) who possesses the financial wherewithal needed to adequately support the credit facility
  • Reimbursements on previously advanced case costs permitted
  • Ongoing monitoring and monthly reporting by firm of all case disbursals, losses, withdrawals, and terminations of individual case status and costs shall be required

LawBanker understands the business of law, and the financial needs of law practices. Through our case cost financing program, we are able to help maximize the capital at your firm’s disposal allowing you to remain focused on current cases and future business development.

Please contact Brigid Murphy for details:

Brigid Murphy – LawBanker Division
4753 N. Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60640
Direct: (708) 728-7809

LawBanker is a division of Bridgeview Bank Group. This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. All loans are subject to credit approval. Programs subject to change.

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